Mistelhain DASTONIC

three unique tonic water from Mistelhain

The vision: Our tonic water should be light and soft in taste; the aromas of the spirits should be preserved and softly carried and enveloped by the notes of our tonic water. This is how the tonic water from Misttelhain tastes.

The claim: To take all connoisseurs who love long drinks and cocktails into the world of mistletoe grove and to offer enjoyment with all their senses.

Our goal: to develop fascinating, unique tonic water in every respect with an unprecedented intensity of taste.

The result: Three wonderful flavors, incredibly compatible with gins and other spirits or just to enjoy pure. Take the taste test.


DASTONIC Signature


This is what the Tonic Water of Mistelhain consists of

The ingredients form the body of our drinks and are carefully selected. The production is the soul of our Tonic Water: all ingredients are percolated and distilled in their natural and fresh taste:

  1. the spices for the signature,
  2. the fruits for the ambition and for the trend,
  3. the Chinese bark for all three tonics,

This is how we gain the aromas and thus the light and pure taste that makes every cocktail and every long drink a real pleasure. This is the reason why our tonic water is both high-quality and unique: the content is decisive. But because the shape also plays an important role, our tonics in classic glass bottles are filled with restrained but noble labels.

How to enjoy our Tonic Water

Of course, your guests can drink any of our tonic water pure – we guarantee the highest culinary delights and a full, aromatic mouthfeel. Mistelhain tonics are the ideal thirst quencher for connoisseurs with demands.

Your guests prefer to enjoy a tonic water with alcohol? Then the second life of our tonics begins. The classic is, of course, to enjoy a good gin with tonic. However, our Tonic Water also gives a unique touch to many other spirits and every cocktail: Ambition with its citrus aromas and its particularly strong carbonation adds a fresh character to each combination; Signature contains spices that create a more elegant and mature drink from every long drink and from every cocktail; the Trend is perfect for all pleasure lovers, who prefer a playful and youthful drink. The differences in our tonic water are purely tasteful, the quality and compatibility with spirits and cocktails are high in all creations. Of course, Mistelhain Tonics also take non-alcoholic cocktails to a new level. Our tonic water simply fits all drinking habits. Get in touch and enter the world of Mistelhain.


Your team from Mistelhain