Mistelhain DASTONIC

The unique tonic water from Mistelhain

You are about to discover Mistelhain's DASTONIC, the tonic water from Mistelhain

Our expectation: To gather everyone who loves to drink mocktails or cocktails and welcome them into the world of Mistelhain and all it has to offer and delight all the senses.

Our goal: To develop fascinating and unique tonic water that embraces a unique respect for flavor intensity.

The vision: Our tonic water should be light and soft in taste, the aroma of spirits should be preserved and gently embraced by the notes in our tonic water. This is the taste that expresses tonic water from Mistelhain.

The result: wonderful flavors, incredibly compatible with gin, other spirits and to be enjoyed alone. Try the taste test.

The idea behind our tonic water is to make the choice of mixing easier without compromising on the taste. Our intentions started with three different varieties of tonic water. Each tonic water had to go with three different varieties of gin*

The tonic water is mild and generally neutral in taste. They do not leave a bitter aftertaste, making it possible to taste the natural aromas in gin. Sweetness, acidity and bitterness are well balanced. The tonic water helps you discover the natural aromas in gin.

Gin lovers and connoisseurs can finally enjoy a Gin & Tonic without having to compromise on taste and without having to discover it through numerous mistakes and failed attempts in the search for the right combination.


DASTONIC Signature


The result is ``a new category of tonic water`` which revolutionizes the perception of mixing a Gin & Tonic.

This is what the Tonic Water of Mistelhain consists of

The ingredients create the “body” in our drinks and are therefore carefully selected. The production itself is the soul of the tonic water. All ingredients are filtered and distilled in their natural and fresh origin.

  1. The fruit for Ambition and for Trend
  2. The spices for the Signature tonic water
  3. The Cichona bark for all of them

This is how we achieve the aromas and create a lightness and clean taste of true enjoyment in every cocktail and mocktail. This is the reason why our tonic water is both high quality and unique, in relation to the specific content. Visuals also play an important role and that is why the tonic water is filled in classic glass bottles with subdued, yet noble, labels.

How to enjoy our Tonic Water

Of course, the tonic water can be enjoyed in its purest form – we guarantee the highest sensory pleasure, as well as a full aromatic experience. Mistelhain tonic water is the ideal thirst quencher for the connoisseur with high standards.

Do you prefer to enjoy your tonic water with alcohol? Then th esecond life of our tonic water begins here. The classic recommendation is of course to enjoy our tonic water with a good gin. In addition, our tonic water also provides unique experiences combined with many other spirits and all cocktails.


Our completely new philosophy:

True to the motto of respecting the idea behind the master distiller’s creations, we do not want to change the spirit, but only help it to develop and get the place it deserves in a long drink.

That’s the reason why our tonics are rather neutral in taste, but nevertheless tasty enough to be enjoyed neat.

How to get the best result mixing a G&T keeping the flavor from the gin alive?

We solved that through the division of the gin world in three categories. After that we created three different tonic waters for each of the categories.


Ambition Tonic Water: With its aromas of citrus and particularly strong content of carbon dioxide, it gives a fresh character to any combination of drinks.

Signature Tonic Water: contains spices that create a more elegant and mature character for any long drink.

Trend Tonic Water: is perfect for all enjoyment enthusiasts who prefer a cheerful and young drink.

Our tonic water simply suits all drinking habits and creates a clear picture of which choice of mixture to choose. With DASTONIC, you don’t need a pairing wheel.

For a better understanding when combining with gin: we have divided the world of gin into three categories:

1. Non-complex botanical structure, citrus based, a low alcohol volume of 37.5% – 43%, London Dry Gins include

For this category we have created our “Ambition” tonic water, distilled with citrus and a higher concentration of carbon dioxide.


2. Complex botanical structure, an alcohol volume from 43% and up to “Navy Strength”:

For this category we have created our “Signature” tonic water with distilled spices.


3. “Alcohol-free spirit”, New western, fruity, floral, and gins based on berries:

For this category we have created our “Trend” tonic water. We are the first and only (from 01.2022) tonic producer to create a tonic water dedicated to the theme “‘Trend’ of less alcohol”. This is also where the name comes from. Along the way, it turned out that our Trend tonic water is a joker in disguise, as in addition to being a perfect match for non-alcoholic drinks, it is also an excellent match for the other categories. Trend tonic water also goes well with vodka, Campari, Martinis and Vermouth. For Trend we distill raspberries and strawberries.


Due to the very special process of production of our three tonic waters have a higher compatibility with gin than average and you have the opportunity to combine crosswise. The result will never be disappointing, on the contrary, it opens up new horizons. In a short time, you will discover which tonic water goes with any gin according to your taste.