Our goal was to create fascinating Tonic Waters. To take cocktail and long drink lovers along with us to a new world… the world of Mistelhain…

Distilling our ingredients allow us to offer a completely new intensity of taste. In three fascinating and different variations and two different carbon dioxide levels. You will keep DASTONIC in remembrance.

Tonic Water Ambition, Tonic Water Signature and Tonic Water Trend are simply wonderful if drunk pure, leaving a great mouthfeel. Thirst quenchers for gourmets, who search for the best experience. When mixed to a spirit they wake up to their second lives!

No matter if you choose a basic gin with three botanicals, an artfully finished gin with 30 or even an alcohol-free spirit, each combination keeps its own character and individual nuance and all gin aromas will be kept and supported.

DASTONIC Tonic Water accompanies and supports your spirits with three different tastes without overloading or spoiling it.


DASTONIC Signature