Heavenly Bitter Lemon with Curaçao, Lemongrass and China Bark Distillate


Heavenly Bitter Lemon with Curaçao, Lemongrass and Chinese Bark Distillate

DASLEMON Heaven Bitter Lemon knows how to captivate lovers of a refreshing bitter lemonade in an incomparable way. This shows that the use of exclusively natural ingredients and high-quality distillates opens up a new and unprecedented world of taste. The development period of over a year shows that Mistelhain has not made any compromises here.

DASLEMON Heaven is the result of a consistent pursuit of new paths. Here too, the creativity of the developers has been harmoniously implemented in the product. The dreamlike notes of the distilled lemongrass and the Caribbean freshness of the distilled Curaçao fruit round off this unique bitter lemon in an unprecedented way.

The unmatched quality of this refreshing composition is also expressed in the nose. It is impressive how the naturalness of the ingredients flows towards the connoisseur with a unique olfactory image. You can also feel the high-quality ingredients in the nose.

DASLEMON Heaven dispenses the use with stabilizers and artificial preservatives. The Bitter Lemon is naturally cloudy and due to its high proportion of natural fruit juices at rest, it forms citrus sediments, which dissolve quickly when the bottle is moved 2-3 times.

The wonderful Bitter Lemon – Pure: kidnapping you into a heanvenly new world of taste

With the DASLEMON Heaven, Mistelhain succeeds in consistently implementing the quality standard through a new approach to the topic of “Bitter Lemon”. The finest distillates provide the proverbial, perfectly round mouthfeel of Mistelhain’s products. Here it has been possible to bottle the pure refreshment and flatter the nose with a wonderfully natural smell.

Pure a high-quality pleasure with a unique natural aroma…

A premium bitter lemon – also with alcohol a guarantee for exciting compositions


Not only the classic “Vodka-Lemon” succeeds in an extraordinary quality…

As a basis for creative compositions in which a fresh lemon note is desired, the second talent of “Heaven” awakens. The fresh aroma surrounds the spirit without being intrusive. The desired freshness harmoniously joins its alcoholic counterpart and creates an extremely rounded and fine long drink or cocktail.

Ingredients: water, sugar, carbonic acid, acidifier citric acid, lime juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor, antioxidant ascorbic acid, China bark distillate*, Curaçao distillate*, lemongrass distillate*, flavor quinine, coloring food (concentrate of apple, safflower and lemon)

* Distilled from natural ingredients

Average Nutritional Valuesper 100 ml
Calories213 kJ / 50 kcal
Fat0 g
– from which saturated fat0 g
Carbohydrate11,9 g
– from which sugar11,9 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g

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