Mixers for classy long drinks and cocktails

All ingredients carefully selected to a real taste adventure starting with our three tonic waters DASTONIC Ambition, DASTONIC Signature and DASTONIC Trend. Supplemented by our three other mixers DASGINGER Royal, DASGINGER Navy and DASLEMON Heaven. We fulfill your dreams!




We offer you the complete “Mixer Range” with Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale and Bitter Lemon – and thus the right mixer for every good spirit! This increases the combination possibilities enormously. We look forward to awakening your curiosity about revolutionary bar experiences and innovative cocktails.

Fascinating Mixers – our distilled drinks

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The World of Mistelhain

Every bar expert, every mixologist knows: The taste of an infused spirit depends essentially on the quality of the mixer. From the very beginning, our goal as an ambitious producer was to create special drinks of the highest quality that are unique and unmistakable. What distinguishes such excellent mixers? The taste is round and wonderful, even if the mixer is enjoyed pure, it has a long and mouth filling finish. It does not leave a bitter tongue and it offers optimal compatibility with spirits. The mixer emphasizes the elegance and class of good spirits without dominating.

By winning the aromas for all Mistelhain mixers through an elaborate distillation process, we can take you on a journey to exciting taste experiences. This is only available from us: fruits and spices, the basis of our aromas, are distilled fresh – powders and concentrates are not an alternative to a mixer of high quality.

We compose the range of our drinks with dedication, with passion and with the aim of perfectly accompanying the taste of an excellent spirit. That’s why the Mistelhain Fascinating Mixers enrich every well-assorted bar whose guests love something special and want to experience exceptionally exquisite flavors. We are pleased to take you into the world of Mistelhain and to inspire you for new dimensions of taste.


Your team from Mistelhain