Dastonic Trend – a bitter-sweet tonic water with raspberry and strawberry distillates

DASTONIC Trend combines the bitter note of Chinese bark characteristic of every tonic water with the beguiling aroma of fully ripe berries. The result: a fascinatingly bitter-sweet tonic water, which taste is as contrasting as it is harmonious. The fruity note in our trendTonic Water is created by the distillation of fresh raspberries and strawberries. All aroma carriers are distilled in a natural state and in combination provide that unique world of taste into which Mistelhain wants to take you to and your guests.

The gentle and sweet tonic with tart notes – the mixer with special properties

In particular, light spirits and modern aperitif liqueurs give the berry distillates an exceptionally charming finish. Even in alcohol-free virgin mixtures, our tonic water convinces as an exciting ingredient. Limits are set for experimental bartenders and cocktail lovers only by their personal taste. Together with the alcoholic notes and botanicals of the spirits, the sweet and tart aroma sensation of this premium mixer forms a harmonious synthesis that gives room to both the bitter-sweet aroma of the Trend tonic and the taste essence of its high-proof counterpart.

That is why spirits are refined instead of veiled; classic tonic long drinks and cocktails become modern creations with a surprisingly elegant character. Mix the finely tingling Trend Tonic Water with gin, vodka, vermouth, Aperol or Campari in a glass filled with large ice cubes and give the liquid enjoyment the optical finishing touch with a few frozen berries. Chin-Chin!

A gentle sweet and aromatic tonic water for pure connoisseurs

Thanks to its natural flavoring, our Trend Tonic Water also offers a pleasure experience that will be remembered when drunk pure. For us at Mistelhain, a premium tonic water is more than just an ingredient for long drinks and cocktails.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Carbon Dioxide, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Distilled China Bark*, Quinine Aroma, Distilled Raspberries, Distilled Strawberries*

nutritional valuesje 100 ml
Energy184 kJ / 44 kcal
Fat0 g
– from which saturated fat acid0 g
Carbohydrate9,2 g
– from which sugar9,2 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g

*all-natural ingredients.
We are obliged to declare Quinine Aroma. Nevertheless, our Quinine is a natural one.