This is Mistelhain – our gourmet claim

Finding the right mixer for a spirit is one of the biggest challenges.
Our aim is to make the search for the ideal mixer much easier and to create unique creations that are equally perfect in taste, composition, and quality. Be it for a professional bartender or a hobby mixologist. That’s why we put a lot of thought into it and did intensive research. We have determined what makes an excellent mixer and how it can be possible to create a tonic water, a bitter lemon and a ginger ale and a ginger beer, which is not only a good companion for the spirit, but also tastes fascinating and natural when drunk pure. A mixer with which you leave the familiar paths, with which you create new worlds of experience, reach a new level of quality. Something that takes all connoisseurs into the world of Mistelhain.

Our pleasure goals

We have formulated the task for these ambitious goals even more precisely:

  • the Mistelhain drinks come without artificial ingredients
  • we don’t want preservatives in our drinks
  • we are breaking completely new ground in the extraction of flavors
  • we create a soft carpet of taste on which the spirit is transported
  • we bring out the aromas of the spirit instead of covering them up

Our solution

Our first creations are three completely different tonic water, real character heads that not only give the different gin varieties a unique recognition, but also meet all the demands we formulated. How do we do that? For our flavors we distill all the ingredients: spices, fruits, even the China bark. This allows for a unique level of quality.

The distilled aromas form wonderful combinations and carry the taste of the spirits. The compatibility with gin and other spirits is impressive. We invite all taste-spoiled connoisseurs to convince themselves.


Your team from Mistelhain