DASGINGER Royal – finely balanced ginger ale with natural galangal and ginger distillates

DASGINGER Royal Ginger Ale is the well-behaved sibling of the stormier DASGINGER Navy Ginger Beer. His manners are almost noble, reserved, albeit beguiling and fascinating. Also, with this premium mixer all good genes come together. The galangal distillate, the ginger distillate and finely tuned fresh aromatic notes compose a harmonious taste melody. The slight sweetness is never disturbing but accompanies the completion of the holistic enjoyment.

DASGINGER Royal dispenses the use of stabilizers and artificial preservatives. The Ginger Ale is amber in the bottle.

Also, in Mistelhain’s DASGINGER Royal the finest ingredients are distilled… It is our bow to all connoisseurs who have secretly wished for more and more elegance for their favorite drink Ginger Ale.

The fine Ginger Ale – already a truly royal pleasure

The Mistelhain’s DASGINGER Royal takes all lovers of ginger ale into new levels of taste. Especially enjoyed pure, the elegance of this product can fully unfold. A glass with this soft, balanced yet exciting product will meet all expectations. It has been possible to find and season a balanced symbiosis of light sweetness and fascinating spicy ginger aromas.

Also enjoyed pure, this premium mixer has a great appearance…

A premium Ginger Ale – noble, royal and discreet

The recipes for cocktails and long drinks with ginger beer can also be mostly mixed with the much milder ginger ale. Here, the balance and great character of our mixer is a guarantee for successful compositions in a milder form.

However, all the qualities of our distilled premium drink come to light when you entrust our DASGINGER Royal with the highest quality spirits and whiskeys. Here awakens the talent to promote and lift highly complex and fine taste notes. The result is a dreamlike interplay between the mixer and his alcoholic companion.

Even with these compositions, a pleasant and soft ginger note remains in the nose and on the palate, which never masks the aroma of a spirit. DASGINGER Royal trellis stands for an incomparable and elegant pleasure.

Broaden your taste horizons…

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Ingredients: water, sugar, carbonic acid, natural flavors, acidifier citric acid,
antioxidant ascorbic acid, galangal distillate*, ginger distillate*.

* Distilled from fresh ingredients.

Average Nutritional Valuesper 100 ml
Calories166 kJ / 39 kcal
Fat0 g
– from which saturated fat0 g
Carbohydrate9,5 g
– from which sugar9,2 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g

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