DASGINGER Navy Ginger Beer with natural ginger and galangal distillate

DASGINGER Navy is recommended for connoisseurs and friends of strong ginger aroma and present ginger heat, which is obtained exclusively from the use of ginger and galangal distillate and the highest quality ginger concentrate. This heat will never remain unpleasant on the tongue, as for example when using chili, but will unfold warmly and pleasantly in the throat. To round off the taste, fresh cucumber is also distilled to refine the aroma.

DASGINGER Navy dispenses the use with stabilizers and artificial preservatives. As a result, the product is naturally cloudy and can form light sediments at the bottom and neck of the bottle. These can be easily dissolved by light shaking.

Why Navy? For Gin, the name Navy-Strength stands for strong products with at least 57% alcohol. In reference to this symbolic strength, we call our character head DASGINGER Navy.

DASGINGER Navy is distilled, not fermented. With the finest ingredients. Immerse yourself in the unique world of Mistelhain and let yourself be pampered.

The strong ginger beer with a harmoniously soft core – pure as an alcohol-free cocktail

All creative possibilities are open to connoisseurs. Enjoyed pure, the Ginger Beer is an alcohol-free highlight with a very high reward factor. It is an exceptional drink with the most valuable ingredients of the highest quality. The smell of wonderfully fresh ginger rises when the bottle is opened, paired with the slight tingling effect so typical of ginger…! The first sip already reveals the harmonious overall composition with a pleasantly balanced sweetness and at the same time strong sharpness.
This premium mixer is already a perfect staging solo…

A premium ginger beer for high demands – the filler for squaring the circle

The label in its copper design already reveals: A wonderful mixer for classic and creative Mule variants has been developed here. Whether with vodka, gin or perhaps a little more exotic with tequila or cachaça, wonderful drinks always succeed. But also, other variants such as the “Dark & Stormy” with dark rum or the light “Cider & Stormy” with apple cider succeed in an exceptionally harmonious interaction.

Also in these compositions, typical of products from Mistelhain, the aroma of a spirit is lifted and not covered. DASGINGER Navy leaves enough room for nuance and professional creativity. The filler never appears unpleasantly spicy, but always appears intentional and pleasantly present in its spice.

Have fun and spicy enjoyment with our products…

Chin chin

Ingredients: water, sugar, carbonic acid, natural ginger flavor with other natural flavors, acidifier citric acid, antioxidant ascorbic acid, ginger extract, ginger distillate*, galangal distillate*, cucumber distillate*.

* Distilled from natural ingredients.

Average Nutritional valuesper 100 ml
Calories220 kJ / 52 kcal
Fat0 g
– from which saturated fat0 g
Carbohydrate12,9 g
– from which sugar11,9 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g

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