This is Mistelhain

It is a great venture to choose the right mixer for Gins and other spirits and find the perfect serve.
We wanted to set new and higher standards with our venture creating these mixers.

Of course, we use the world’s best ingredients. But, what about that, if you always do things the old way?
Our products are being manufactured in a completely different way which allows all the ingredients and their aromas to interact wonderfully and support each other.

We have been clear to abandon the old production path with the purpose of creating a cheering experience and long-lasting impressions. By setting new quality standards, our goal is to take gourmets of the world to new taste horizons using natural ingredients only and no preservatives.

The result is a new Tonic Water in three completely different variations which stand out for their high compatibility to most gins and other spirits supporting their botanicals, not taking over on taste and bitterness. The lightness with which our tonic waters accompany and transport the spirits is astonishing and fascinating.

Our new creations are already being prepared. Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and Bitter Lemon are being breaded with the fascinating “Mistelhain-Gene” and coming to life in autumn.